Renewing My Passion

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The hustle of the holidays always seems to pull time away from my passion, which is writing. Writing about food, travel, people and nature inspires me, fuels my spirit and encourages me to delve deeper into my heart to share these experiences with you.

I have spent half my life in the food world and find it the most comfortable place to be. I get a rush talking about food, learning about new ways to prepare a dish, while also embracing the basics. It doesn’t matter. Anything food gets me going and you will find it difficult to shut me up! My goal this year is to work on boosting flavor in my dishes.

The other topic that pushes my button is travel. I would board a plane on a dime. Meeting new people and discovering what makes them tick and what they do to find joy is like eating a chocolate ice cream sundae. My appetite is insatiable.

How can anyone not find solace in nature? Whenever I feel stuck, I head to my backyard and have a conversation with my fruit trees, veggie garden and roses. Just the view out of my writing window makes my heart skip a beat. Hummingbirds are ever-present, along with bluejays, crows and mourning doves. They each speak to me in their own language and I am learning how to interpret them. Every planting has its own needs and wants and it’s my job to nurture them along the way, helping to make them the best they can be.

So, for the new year, it’s my wish and goal to share more of these experiences with you by beginning a series of short stories and to be inspired my you, my readers, to deliver quality, relevant and interesting reading material.

Salute! Happy New Year!

Love, Mary

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